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Remunerator Payroll - download New program
to review or use free of charge up to 10 employees

This page downloads and installs the Remunerator payroll software on your computer.


- The file that is downloaded is "rem_prog_new_zip.exe", which contains the REMUNERATOR program installation files.

- Please note that this download of a New REMUNERATOR program can only be done to a computer ...
+ on which the REMUNERATOR program has not yet been installed on, or
+ on which it has been installed, and since been un-installed.
+ To upgrade the program on a computer that already contains the REMUNERATOR payroll, click on 'Return to Employee Menu', and then 'Download Upgrade Remunerator software'.


When you click on the link towards the bottom of this page the 'install file' will be downloaded ....
- A Dialog Box comes up asking 'Do you want to RUN or SAVE rem_prog_new_zip.exe (1.82 MB) from '
+ Select "RUN", and Internet Explorer will run a security scan, reporting that the 'install file' is not commonly downloaded, and could harm your computer. To continue, click on the 'Action' button, and then the 'Run anyway' button.
+ If you select "SAVE", the downloaded 'install file' will be saved on your computer, and must you at some stage "Run" it to install the program.
... A Dialog Box will come up, asking to specify the Folder to save the file to. You may select any folder of your choise.
+ If you are not quite ready to continue, select "CANCEL".

When 'running' the above downloaded 'install file' ......
-In Windows 7, a 'User Account Control' Dialog Box will come up asking .....
'Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?'
Because you trust the Serendipity Software site by now, click on "Yes"

Installing the program ....
-A 'REMUNERATOR Setup' window will appear with message 'Welcome to the REMUNERATOR installation program' ........ Click on the OK button to continue.
+ Another 'REMUNERATOR Setup' window will appear with message 'Begin the installation by clicking the button below' ........ Click on the picture of the computer.
+ A final window will appear informing you that the REMUNERATOR Setup was completed successfully

Once the program has been installed ....
+ you will find it's shortcut at your 'Start' button, 'All Programs' menu option.
+ Should the installation appear not have proceeded properly, ensure that the program has not in fact been installed by checking in your computer's 'Control Panel' and un-installing it before attempting to download it again.


- The nature of payroll programs require that updates be done from time to time, in particular to comply with the changing requirements of SARS, with specific reference to.....
+ Changes in PAYE tax rates, often implemented at the beginning of each new Tax year, being the 1st of March.
+ Changes to the Tax Return specification. Whereas this Return was only necessary once a year, does SARS presently require it to be submitted twice a year.
+ To go to the Upgrade page, simply click here .... Download Upgrade Remunerator software

To download and install the REMUNERATOR program, simply click here ....
Download New Program install file
(Approx. download File Size 1.8 MB)


Have a look at our TimeCalcs program. It automates the calculation of your weekly (and monthly) clockings. Having setup each employee's 'Working Hours Profile', by entering the start and finish time for each day of the week, it calculates the amount of Normaltime hours, Overtime hours, Double Time hours, etc. and gives you a printout that is used to easily generate your payrun in REMUNERATOR.
For more info, click on this link .... TimeCalcs program

Pierre Myburgh.